Engaging Corporate Communication

Show Opener Videos

Show openers can perform a variety of functions:

  • Setting the tone for the event
  • Focusing your audience's attention
  • Evoking an emotional response
  • Giving a preview of what is to come later
  • Telling a story, explaining the purpose/goal of the event

I can combine text, images and footage with music and/or voiceovers to create a powerful opening video, providing the perfect start to your event.

Speaker Support

"a picture is worth a thousand words" - often it's easier to convey ideas using imagery rather than just words. Animated graphics can help a speaker to explain a concept in an engaging and attractive manner. I can produce slick animated presentations which go beyond what is possible with presentation software such as Powerpoint and Keynote.

Logo Animations

I can breathe life into a logo by animating it, giving the logo movement which is in keeping with the design of the logo. An animated logo can provide a professional finish to your Powerpoint or Keynote presentation.

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