Themed Visuals

My range of high quality themed visuals provide a simple way to enhance themed event décor using televisions, video projectors, or LED screens.

Each product is supplied both as a single continuous video with all of the individual scenes joined together, and also as individual video files for each scene to give you maximum flexibility – see individual product pages for specific details about what is supplied.

You can play these files on modern media player software (for example, VLC Player; Windows Media Player; Quicktime Player; iTunes). You can also copy the files onto a memory stick/card to play directly from devices such as TVs, video projectors and hardware media players. You will need to refer to the manual for your device to check that it’s capable of playing MPEG4 h.264 video files and also check that your device has a repeat function so that the video can automatically loop back to the start when it reaches the end.

Many of the products are also currently available on DVD, although I am gradually phasing out DVDs, as DVD players will eventually become obsolete.

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