VDJ Toolkit – Vol. 5 – Lighting Effects – Download


The Video DJ Toolkit is a massive library of video clips designed for the professional mobile DJ. This volume contains 100 clips designed to make your screens become a part of your light show.

Most of the clips in this volume also include a drum track allowing the visuals to be sync’d to music in DJ software such as VirtualDJ.

See the gallery images for full contents.

When you buy this product you are buying a performance licence to use these visuals as part of a performance at live events (for example as a DJ or VJ or in a concert). Please see the License page for full information.


All 100 clips are supplied as individual files, organised into folders for each of the following categories:
Kaleidoscope, Spectrum Analysers, Wipes, Lightbox, Disco Spheres, Plasma, Gobos, Mirrorball. See images below for a guide to what is in each category.

There are also compilation videos – one containing all 100 clips in a random order, and a compilation for all the clips in each category.

PLEASE NOTE:These video clips are designed to be used with video DJ software (such as VirtualDJ) which can use the drum track on the clips to synchronise them with the music that you’re playing. Without such software can still play the videos, but they won’t be synchronised to music).
Please ensure you can use these files before buying the product. You can download a sample pack to test the files by clicking here…


Number of clips: 100
Video formats supplied: 1080p Full HD MPEG4 (h.264)
720p HD MPEG4 (h.264)
720p HD DXV for Resolume
720p HD VirtualDJ preconfigured Sampler pack
Video Specification: 1080p Full HD: 1920 x 1080, 25fps
720p HD: 1280 x 720, 25fps
Audio: 125bpm Drum track for sync’ing
Download File Sizes:
MPEG4 Full HD: 2.38GB
MPEG4 HD: 2.07GB
VirtualDJ Sampler pack: 1.1GB
DXV for Resolume: 4.6GB
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