Midnight Countdown Visuals – Download


The perfect way to see in the New Year and any other event that is celebrated at midnight!

The countdown begins at 11 o'clock, and every 10 seconds the clock/counter design changes to keep the countdown interesting, cycling through 24 different designs.

30 seconds before midnight, a final on-screen countdown begins, encouraging your crowd to count down the final seconds. At midnight there is a firework display, complete with firework sound effects, which can be looped continuously. (The video is silent until the fireworks start).

When you buy this product you are buying a performance licence to use these visuals as part of a performance at live events (for example as a DJ or VJ or in a concert). Please see the License page for full information.


There are almost no words on the video (apart from “minutes”, “seconds” and “Milliseconds” which appear occasionally), which means it can be used internationally, and on occasions other than New Year (eg you could use it for a Christmas Eve party). You can also use the fireworks loop on its own if you don’t need a countdown.

The download includes the full 1 hour countdown and the fireworks loop as separate files, allowing you to play the countdown, and then play the fireworks on a continuous loop.

BONUS! Also included is a bonus download of a generic 1-hour Countdown which counts down from 60 minutes to zero, so it can be used at any time of day.
Click here to view the 1 Hour Countdown on YouTube
PLEASE NOTE:The files supplied are large, so may take a long time to download (on a typical UK broadband connection of 14Mbps the HD version would take about half an hour to download).


Download in whichever format you require:
MPEG2 PAL Standard Definition
MPEG4 h.264 PAL Standard Definition
MPEG4 High Definition 720p
The downloaded zip file will contain two videos – one video is the 1 hour countdown with 2 minutes of fireworks at the end, and the other video is a 3 minute fireworks loop which can be looped seamlessly, with firework sound effects.
Format: MPEG2 and MPEG4 (h.264) files
Video Specification: PAL 16:9 720 x 576 25fps or HD 1280 x 720 25fps
Download File Sizes:
Midnight Countdown:
Bonus 1 Hour Countdown:
Audio: 2.0 Stereo
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Region-free DVD-R Plays on an ordinary DVD player*
Continuous looping: Yes
Duration: 1 hour plus continuous fireworks loop
DVD-ROM Content: Contains a 10 minute version of the countdown and a separate fireworks loop in MPEG2 and MPEG4 formats
Video Specification: PAL 16:9 720 x 576 25fps
Audio: Firework sound effects – 2.0 Stereo
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* DVD Player must be able to play PAL (European) format DVDs