Club Candy TV – Volume 2


Club Candy TV Volume 2 features professional dancers and a fire performer in 101 different scenes designed to look like music videos. The scenes are grouped into 5 different themes, with each theme supplied as an individual video. Club Candy TV is perfect for video DJs who need video content to play when they are playing audio tracks without accompanying video. It also works really well as generic visuals for nightclubs and bars.

When you buy this product you are buying a performance licence to use these visuals as part of a performance at live events (for example as a DJ or VJ or in a concert). Please see the License page for full information.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is standard definition, not HD. (It was filmed before HD was commonplace).



  • REAL filmed dancers, not just silhouettes!
  • Contains 5 different videos, 3 to 4 minutes long, each with a particular look:
    • Cyberclub: 3m 50s
    • Urban Groove: 3m 38s
    • Vectorised: 3m 52s
    • Elegance: 4m 10s
    • Pyromania: 3m 33s
  • Select an Individual video or play all, in a continuous loop.
  • Constant 125bpm tempo – features a drum track allowing videos to be sync’d to music in appropriate software such as VirtualDJ
  • Supplied as a looping DVD, plus MPEG2 & MPEG4 files for VJs
  • Created from scratch by Phil Bearman – all footage is totally unique to Club Candy TV
  • Starring five professional dancers and a fire performer


Region-free DVD-R Plays on any ordinary DVD player
Continuous looping: Yes
Total duration: 21m 42s
Number of scenes: 110
DVD-ROM Content: Contains the MPEG2 & MPEG4 files featured in the downloadable version (see below)
Video Specification: PAL 16:9 720 x 576 25fps
Audio: 125bpm Bleep track for sync’ing
Download includes the following files:

  • Boogie Nights: 3m 25s
  • Electro Grunge: 3m 25s
  • Glam: 3m 25s
  • Neon Nights: 3m 50s
  • Superclub: 3m 50s
  • Vectro Electro: 3m 19s
  • Full loop – all above videos joined together: 21m 42s
Video formats supplied: PAL Widescreen MPEG4 (h.264)
PAL Widescreen MPEG2
Video Specification: PAL Widescreen: 720 x 576, 25fps
Audio: 125bpm Drum track for sync’ing
Download file sizes: MPEG4 PAL: 1.1GB