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How to install VirtualDJ Sampler packs

VDJ Toolkits Volume 4 and volume 5 are supplied with a pre-configured Sampler pack for VirtualDJ which will save you a huge amount of time configuring all of your video clips in the Virtual DJ Sampler.

You can see the steps you would normally have to go through to configure your clips in my other tutorial, which I would recommend reading to give you a better understanding of how the sampler works.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an experimental new feature – I’ve tested it on a few different computers with no problems, but you do this at your own risk. If you are unsure, please install the MPEG4 files manually following the instructions in my other tutorial.

To install the Sampler pack:

  1. Download the Sampler pack by using the download link titled “VDJ Toolkit Vol.[4 or 5] – HD Virtual DJ Files
  2. Locate your VirtualDJ home folder – this is usually found inside your ‘Documents’ folder.
  3. I’d recommend taking a backup copy of this entire folder before you continue with the installation.
  4. Open the “Sampler” folder. This is where your sampler pack needs to go.
  5. Open the downloaded VDJToolkitVol[4 or 5] file and copy all of the contents from there into the “Sampler” folder.
  6. Once you’ve done that, it should look something like this (I’ve highlighted the files that are copied)

Now if you relaunch VirtualDJ, you should find the new sample banks available in the sampler.

If you are unsure how to use the sampler please check out my other tutorial. For further information on using VirtualDJ please consult the VirtualDJ documentation or support forums – I am unable to provide support beyond what is provided in these tutorials.