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How to download and extract your visuals

File Formats

Most of my products are supplied in 3 file formats. The MPEG4-HD is the highest resolution and should be your first choice if it’s available. If you find you’re unable to play the MPEG4-HD files or they aren’t playing smoothly, you should try MPEG4-PAL next. Failing that, MPEG2-PAL should be your last choice, and is provided for compatibility with older computers/devices.

When you download your visuals they will be saved on your computer in a compressed ‘ZIP’ file. This makes the files slightly smaller and therefore quicker to download.

Before you can use your visuals you need to extract them from this ZIP file. To do this follow these instructions:


Right-click the ZIP file and select “Extract all”, then follow the instructions.


Double-click on the ZIP file. It should open in the Archive Utility (if not, right-click and select Open With-> Archive Utility. This will extract the files to the same folder that the ZIP file is in.


There are various unzipping utilities supplied with different Linux operating systems, but usually you will just need to double click on the ZIP file and then press an “Extract” button.

If there is a ‘ReadMe’ file supplied, you should read this for any product-specific instructions.

I strongly recommend you keep a backup of your visuals. This will allow you to quickly restore them in the event of a hard drive failure or if your computer gets stolen.