From casual performers to professional showreels, I can create a video you will be proud to share with everyone. My specialism is filming aerialists, but I also have experience filming other performers such as handbalancers, contortionists and dancers.

Professional Aerialists

Are you a professional aerialist who needs a showreel for auditions? Do you want a video that your employers will watch all the way through?

Maybe your old showreel features grainy footage shot from the back of a theatre or a chorus line of people drowning you out. It's time for you to take centre stage; time to make your viewers sit up and take notice.

Shoots take place at Cloud Aerial Arts in Manchester where you can perform in 5m of height on any piece of equipment you want. You can shoot again and again until you're happy with it. I will communicate with you every step of the way to make sure you love your videos as much as I do. 

The performance below featuring Jonny Grundy and Manuel Artino was filmed for a streamed broadcast during the Coronavirus lockdown in 2021. We shot from multiple angles including overhead shots to give the audience at home a unique perspective of this beautiful performance which they wouldn't normally get in a live show and capture each of their shapes from the best angle.

“Our last contract was all thanks to the video we did with you”

Aerial Hobbyists

Are you an aerialist who wants to show off everything you've learned from your favourite aerial hobby? I specialise in aerial video shoots with smoke and lighting to make you feel like a circus star. I can shoot in any style you want and create a professional video you'll be proud of.

Worried you don't have the stamina for an entire performance? Don't worry, you don't have to write and perform a choreographed aerial piece, we can film lots of snippets of your favourite aerial moves and edit them together into a seamless video that will wow your viewers. I can also provide social media edits for you so you can upload to your favourite channels.

Aerial hobbyists Helen & James put together an incredible trapeze performance for their wedding 'first dance' and after the big day they asked me to film it in the studio so that they'd have a record of it for posterity.

“You've done the most amazing job and so quickly! Honestly I'm blown away, thank you so so much, we are buzzing!”

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