Artwork Requirements


Logos should ideally be supplied in a ‘vector’ format such as a PDF or EPS file generated from software such as Adobe Illustrator or similar.

If you are only able to supply a ‘bitmap’ format (such as a JPEG, TIF, or Photoshop file) I will need to manually trace your logo before I can animate it, and this will incur an additional cost.


Flyer or poster artwork must be supplied in a layered file format – typically a Photoshop or Illustrator file, or a layered PDF. Your designer should be able to supply this. This is so that I can pull apart the shapes/images/text etc in order to animate them.

If you are only able to supply a JPEG file, I will need to recreate the advert from scratch and it may cost more – I will advise.

If you have to send a JPEG or TIFF, please send the largest one available (often referred to as a high resolution or ‘hi-res’ version).

If you have any questions about artwork please do not hesitate to get in touch, or get your graphic designer to contact me if you prefer.

How to tell whether a PDF file contains vector artwork

PDFs can contain both vector and bitmap graphics. Vector graphics are shapes described mathematically which means they can be scaled up to any size – these are what I need to create logo animations. Bitmap graphics are images made up of pixels – when you scale these up they become pixellated.

It’s easy to check – just open your PDF, and zoom in a logo or piece of text – if the logo/text remains perfectly sharp and smooth no matter how far you zoom in, it’s a vector image – if it becomes pixellated/blocky it’s a bitmap image.

Sending large files

You can either:

  • Use an internet file-sending service such as or
  • Share them using DropBox (Best for sharing lots of smaller files – not very fast for sending large files.)
  • Send them on a CD/DVD in the post.