Venue Filming

I can arrange for an experienced videographer to film at your venue.

Available 24/7, your venue can be filmed and a finished promo video delivered within 48 hours (excluding Sunday). The video will be edited to a track of your choice and delivered in any format you wish including a HD version for your website, YouTube, Facebook etc.

The footage can then also be used within animated adverts, ideal for promoting your venue on the internet, or used to break up and pad out your screen visuals.

Venue filming fuel costs

CLUB PROMO Mon-Thur £250 Fri-Sun £300

We make your venue look slick, capturing glossy interior and exterior shots and getting in the thick of it with stunning crowd shots, people dancing and DJ footage. This is a great all round package.

CLUB INSIGHT Mon-Thur £300 Fri-Sun £350

With the slickness of the Club Promo, we look for more of an insight into your venue by interviewing punters, asking the right questions and finding out what makes your venue unique. Whether its in the queue outside or right in the middle of the dancefloor, we’ll capture crystal clear audio and get great soundbites for your video.

CLUB TV Mon-Thur £450 Fri-Sun £550

Fancy your very own dedicated presenter introducing your event and interviewing your party goers? We’ve got a number of fantastic male and female presenters you can choose from. They will join the party and and take viewers on a tour of your club speaking to people, capturing the atmosphere and truly showing viewers what your nightclub is about. Why not dress them in your venue t-shirt, ensuring your branding is seen throughout?

CLUB PLATINUM Mon-Thur £1000 Fri-Sun £1200

If you’re looking for a video that is really going to go viral and get people talking about your venue then this is it. To show your nightclub at its best we find its best to get shots whilst its both empty and full. Think Grand Designs as we get super slick shots moving across your bars or from the dancefloor up to the roof of the venue using our 18ft jib. A narrator will describe the club in all its glory and once the tour is done, the video will kick into the club in action with stunning crowd shots and a music video gloss. Combining all the previous packages and much more, this is the daddy. Perfect for club openings or just showing off.

Fuel is charged additionally according to the fuel map above. For long distances (beyond the £40 mark) a fuel receipt will be provided so that you can pay for the exact amount used.

Contact me to arrange your video shoot…