Simple affordable pricing

Logo Animations Priced based on your specific logo design – please enquire
Animated adverts From £30 each
Photo Galleries From £10
Abstract visuals FREE
Small amendments to existing adverts £10 per advert
Re-using existing animations in future FREE
Duplicate DVDs £3 each
Postage at cost
The fixed price structure will suit most venues, and allows you to easily work within your marketing budget. For projects which don’t fit within this framework I will be happy to provide a quote.

In order for my business to run efficiently, there is a minimum order value of £120.

HD Logo Animations

Logo animations are perfect for reinforcing your brand, and help tie your screens in with the décor and styling of your venue.

The price will depend on the design of your logo and the format that it’s supplied in, so please email your artwork and I will be happy to calculate a price for you. Most clients go for at least 4 logo animations initially in order to prevent the screens looking repetitive. Your animations will be produced in full 1080p high definition (HD).

If you do not have an existing logo for your venue/event, you will need to get this designed by a graphic designer first as logo design is not something that I’m skilled at!

If you have specific ideas for how you want your logo animated, let me know and I’ll be happy to take these into account.

HD Animated Adverts – from £30

Animated Adverts bring your forthcoming events and promotions to your customers’ attention.

Prices will vary depending on whether the advert needs to be created from scratch, or whether it is based on existing flyer/poster artwork, in addition to other factors such as the length/complexity of the advert.

As a guide, £30 would allow for 30 minutes design time which is usually enough to to turn an existing flyer/poster into an animated on-screen advert. Your animations will be produced in full 1080p high definition (HD).

If you don’t have existing artwork, I will quote for each advert based on your requirements.

Existing animations – FREE

When you need to update your DVD, to include new adverts/remove outdated adverts etc, you can re-use any adverts or logo animations that I have already created for you FREE OF CHARGE. This keeps the cost of making small updates to a minimum.

Small amendments to adverts – £10 per advert

Clients often need to make small amendments to adverts. This cost £10 per advert, and only covers small changes to text etc – not entire redesigns!

Photo Galleries – From £10

Many clubs/bars now have photographers taking photos of their punters during the night. These can be included on your DVD as photo galleries, with the photos animating on and off screen.

£10 for up to 10 photos, then 50p per additional photo

Abstract Visuals – FREE

I have a large stock of abstract visuals available which I can use to pad out your DVD, which will prevent it looking repetitive, and can add to the visual appeal of your venue the same way that lighting does

I can select visuals to match the style/colour schemes etc of your venue if required.

Duplicate DVDs – £3 / Blu-Rays – £5

Handy if you need to play the visuals on multiple players around the venue.

Postage – at cost

Postage is charged at whatever it costs me – I use 1st Class Royal Mail which costs under a pound on most orders, unless you request Special Delivery to meet a specific deadline.