There are a couple of options for delivering your content:


I can assemble the content into a sequence, and produce a DVD configured to continuously loop all night.

The DVD can optionally be set up with seperate sections for different nights of the week.

Nightclubs and bars are harsh environments, and with that in mind, I use the highest quality DVDs and don’t use adhesive labels which can damage DVD players.

Video Files for Computers/Media Server Playback

If you use a media server (such as Hippotizer, Arkaos, the Denon DN-V755, and similar) or a computer to play video, I can supply your content as individual video files that you can import into these systems.

Popular formats include:
MPEG4 H.264

Dedicated Digital Signage Systems for Bars & Clubs

The advantage of digital signage systems is that you can change an individual advert at any time (unlike a DVD where the whole disc must be reauthored). In addition, they support a higher resolution are more rugged to bar and nightclub environments.

The BXPro from BeeBox Systems is a popular choice for bars and clubs and I can author content direct to these systems.